Hiring Professional Remote Workers During the Coronavirus Emergency

Hiring Professional Remote Workers During the Coronavirus Emergency


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to adapt to a new reality, with remote work becoming the norm. Hiring remote workers can be a challenge, but it’s essential for businesses to continue operating during this time. This article will provide insights on how to hire professional remote workers during the coronavirus emergency.

Benefits of Hiring Remote Workers

  • Access to a wider talent pool: Remote work allows businesses to hire from anywhere in the world, giving them access to a wider range of qualified candidates.
  • Reduced costs: Remote workers often have lower overhead costs than in-office employees, such as rent and utilities.
  • Increased productivity: Studies have shown that remote workers can be more productive than their in-office counterparts.

Challenges of Hiring Remote Workers

  • Communication: Communicating effectively with remote workers can be challenging, especially if they are in different time zones.
  • Trust: It can be difficult to trust remote workers who you cannot see in person.
  • Culture: Remote work can make it difficult to maintain a strong company culture.

How to Hire Professional Remote Workers

To hire professional remote workers, follow these steps:

  1. Define your needs: Determine the skills and experience you need in a remote worker.
  2. Create a job description: Write a clear and concise job description that outlines the responsibilities and expectations of the role.
  3. Post the job: Post the job on job boards and social media platforms.
  4. Screen candidates: Review resumes and conduct phone or video interviews to screen candidates.
  5. Hire the best candidate: Make an offer to the candidate who best meets your needs.

Case Study: Volts Consulting

Volts Consulting is a leading provider of remote staffing solutions. During the coronavirus emergency, Volts Consulting has helped businesses hire professional remote workers quickly and efficiently. One of Volts Consulting’s clients, a Fortune 500 company, needed to hire 100 remote workers within a month. Volts Consulting was able to source and screen candidates, and the client was able to hire the best candidates within the deadline.


Hiring professional remote workers can be a challenge, but it’s essential for businesses to continue operating during the coronavirus emergency. By following the steps outlined in this article, businesses can hire the best remote workers to meet their needs.

If you are looking to hire professional remote workers, contact Volts Consulting today. We can help you find the best candidates for your needs.

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